Recent Before & After Photos

Fire in a Cranston, RI Home

Smoke Damaged Kitchen The damage the smoke had on these kitchen cabinets seemed to be permanent. However, we were able to get them cleaned and smelling normal a... READ MORE

Attic Mold in Burriville, RI

Why does an attic grow mold? Moisture will build up in an attic when there outside temperature drops quickly causing condensation in the space. However, your at... READ MORE

Removing The Mold

In a situation like this one, it is often necessary to remove a portion of the drywall to deal with any moisture and wet material that may be causing a mold pro... READ MORE

Mold Removal Process

When our team is called to your home to remove mold. We will respond quickly and, upon arrival, use everything at our disposal to identify the underlying cause ... READ MORE

Storm Water Intrusion

This home suffered severe flooding when heavy rains caused a stormwater intrusion. As you can see, there was a lot of water standing in this home. It is critica... READ MORE

Computer Room Storm Damage

When high winds and heavy rains from severe storms affected our area, the computer room in this facility was flooded by a stormwater intrusion. Our arrived quic... READ MORE

School Storm Damage

This school was heavily damaged by high winds and heavy rains from storms that impacted our area. The interior of the building suffered flooding and our team wa... READ MORE

Damaged Roof And Melting Snow

This facility had damage to its roof and water from the melting snow caused damage to its interior. The crew of SERVPRO of East Greenwich/Warwick was called to ... READ MORE

Leaking Roof Due To Storm

This facility had damage done to its roof by severe storms and water from the heavy rains was able to enter. The facility was flooded and the crew of SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Freezing Weather Conditions Cause Pipe Break

When freezing weather conditions impacted our area, temperatures dropped severely causing a pipe in this facility to freeze and burst. The crew of SERVPRO of Ea... READ MORE