Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flooded Basement after storm

This basement was flooded after a storm. There was significant amounts of water causing damage.  SERVPRO used pumps to remove the water and air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and dry the area. 

Wood Floor damaged from Water

Water can destroy hardwood floors. SERVPRO responded to this property to find significant amounts of water on the hardwood.  They immediately began to extract the water and get the area open to dry the floors. 

Commercial Warehouse flood remediation

This Commercial Warehouse suffered from flood water after a storm.  The team at SERVPRO responded immediately with the experienced technicians and specialized equipment to restore your business back to pre storm conditions. 

Storm Flood Water Damage

Significant amounts of storm water can cause significant amounts of damage if not cleaned up quickly.  SERVPRO quickly responded and began clean up to this property to restore it back to pre storm conditions. 

Flood Drying in MA

SERVPRO responded after storm water flooded this jail in MA.  The floor had significant amounts of water in the floor.  They quickly began to clean up the water to prevent further damage. 

Flooding in Warwick

This building received some flooding after a rain storm. As seen in the picture there is not too much water gathered. However, as that water evaporates it would have caused damage because of too much humidity. We got it cleaned up for this business quickly so they would not have to loose inventory.